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What Can I Say
Close-up of the Duck Hawk Rock Photo
I am sorry, I have always liked red shoelaces.  I have red and blue now.

One thing that has kept me in shape and has kept me from going insane is something as wild as being a Forest Service Volunteer.  I have met a lot of people: other volunteers and the U. S. Forest Rangers that assist us, and the public at large.  It is a learning experience for all.
I just love to see people have fun outdoors.  It can be very miserable if things do not go right.  But meeting nature face to face is something you will always remember.

Trail before repair (it is there)         Trail after repair (there it is)
Raven Cliffs Trail end near Helen, GA
Forest Service Volunteers do everything from campground hosting for the summer to picking up paper on the trail during a personal dayhike.  We cut limbs that grow in the trail over time, and do clearing of structures such as steps and water bars.  The picture above left shows about four months of debris on a set of steps.  It takes a short time to clean them out and reestablish the trail for the hikers.  A more permanant step for the bottom step will be added later.

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