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Ice Water Springs Shelter near Newfound Gap
Ice Water Springs Shelter on the Appalachian Trail.  February 13, 1988.
It is asked that this shelter be left for hikers coming through the park on the trail.

Chimney Tops, Twin Peaks
These are the Chimney Tops on the TN side.  This unusual photo was taken from the Appalachian Trail on the same hike as the shelter photo.  There is about 4 - 6 inches of snow on the Smokies.  The white highlights are the snow covered rocks on the ridge.  It’s a short steep 2-mile hike.  AWESOME.

Below is part of the Alum Cave Trail to Mt. Le Conte.
Alum Cave and Duck Hawk Ridge
Alum Cave Bluff is seen at the right.  It's about 50 feet deep and 100 feet tall, and twice as wide.  I came through the trees at the top left, and down the rocky ridge.  I took this picture, then set the camera on my backpack and took the self-portrait on the lead hiking page.   This side hike about half way to the top of Mount Le Conte is now closed. See my Duck Hawk Rock Page.
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I used the photo to create the hiking button on my main page.  The close up shows people and their gear in Alum Cave for perspective on how big the cave area is.

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