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Group photo during a rest stop!!!

Rock Town Hike, Lookout Mountain Area in NW Georgia

From the ground looking up...not much to hold this up  From the top looking down...note the tree tops in front of us

Rock Town is a short one-mile hike to the beginning of the rocks, but from there it is big.  You can hike on the floor or hike on the rocks, but you can get stuck.  We could not get off of the rocks in the picture at the right but one way…the way we got on!
Some of the rocks have cracks that have walls that are 100 feet high.

My brother and wife were with me on this hike.  We also came across a bobcat in
one of the rock cave/crevasse areas.  It just stayed in the cave.  We saw feathers at the entrance, and could hear breathing in the cave.  It is anybody's guess what was in there, but the game warden said it could be a bobcat.  He said they are in the area, of course.

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