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Raven Cliffs Wilderness Area Sign

Raven Cliffs Hike, West of Helen in NE Georgia 

Crack in the Rock Falls, and another behind it above At the top of the cliff watching other climb the roots
Coming up the root climb to the top

Crack in the Rock, and the hill to the root climb on the right

This 2.5 mile one way trail leads to Raven Cliffs.  The area around this valley and beyond to the west is named the Raven Cliffs Wilderness Area, and is a class four wilderness.  This means no mechanical devices allowed.  All trail work is done with hand tools.  This has been a fun area for me to maintain for many years.

Raven Cliffs at the end of the trail

There are four waterfalls in all; two about half way, and two at the end of the trail.

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