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Me on Duck Hawk Rock in the Smoky Mountains, TN
This self-portrait is on Duck Hawk Rock on the Alum Cave Trail.
This is along a trail to Mt. Le Conte in the Smoky Mountains of TN.

I have to climb up and over this, then across the top and down off-trail to get to my car.
This area is now restricted.  On May 6, 2000, a sign and a plastic coated metal wire barred our entrance to the area and threatened a $20,000 endangered species fine.  A Peregrine Falcon has taken up residence on the shear cliff face that I am sitting next to.  It is at about the same height as me and about 100 to 125 feet behind me.  We saw it moving about and possibly hunting.  I am glad to have been able to hike here before it was closed.  I apologize to my brothers that we walked all the way there for nothing.  See the Duck Hawk Rock Page for more photos.

Yaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnn Hiking can be so exiting sometimes.  I cannot believe a friend got me like this on a dayhike in the Smoky Mountains.  I guess I was relaxed.  That is what it is about.
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