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Duck Hawk Rock ridgeline from the Alum Cave Trail
Duck Hawk Rock from the Alum Cave Mount LeConte trail.  May 6, 2000.

Close up of Duck Hawk Rock, Key Hole, and the approach down the side
The old manway comes down from the right.  I took my hiking self portrait in the gap at the right.  I set my camera down on my backpack on the rocky bump below the slab at the far right.  Then I ran across to the left and sat down on the outcropping below and right of the "keyhole".  You can see two of three arches worn through by wind and rain.  The new resident Peregrine Falcon has his nest just between these two keyholes on the rock face.
Sign, sign, everywhere a sign...blockin' up the scenery, breaking my this dont do that!!!!
Sign, sign, everywhere a sign -- Do this, don't do that, Can't you read the sign!!!!
The Peregrine Falcon was removed from the endangered species list on August 20, 1999.
This area is still restricted at this time.
Me in the third larger keyhole
My brother in the third keyhole
Last Keyhole.  January 2, 1988.  These photos may never be able to be updated...

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May 12, 2000